WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Weirdness

A few minor things went screwy with my WordPress 2.5 upgrade.

I recently upgraded Contentious and Boulder Carbon Tax Tracker to the latest version of WordPress (2.5). There seem to be some bugs with this that I’ll need to figure out.

First of all, the image upload function has stopped working.

When I try to upload an image to a blog post via WordPress, I get this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function. Apparently a lot of people are having this problem, and there’s no fix yet.

My temporary image upload fix: For now, when I want to include an image in Contentious I uploading it to my Typepad account, grab the image URL from there, and insert that into my WordPress post.

I also tried uploading an image to Contentious via the blog editing application MarsEdit. In that case I got a different error…

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