YouTube founders buy Delicious, but I’ve moved on

For a long time I was a devoted fan of the social bookmarking service Delicious. It was my backup brain, and I used it to feed content to this blog when I didn’t have time to write. But after Yahoo bought it a couple of years ago, they just let it wither on the vine. It was sad.

So I was happy to see this news today:

YouTube Founders Buy Delicious; First Step To Taking On Google?

…Of course, I’ve moved on. Diigo is now my new backup brain. I’ll keep an eye on how Delicious evolves, but it would take a hell of an upgrade to tempt me to switch back.

It’s 2010: Where are you writing and reading?

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed my personal patterns of writing and reading have changed significantly. Some of this has been in response to the changing technology of communication — the rise of social media, in particular. But some of it has also been about where I am in my life and my work.

Here’s a quick rundown of my own changes, and contributing reasons for them. I’d be curious to hear about other people’s personal media evolutions, too. Please share your own experiences in the comments below…

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Facebook fan page hack: How to publish multiple feeds to your fan page wall

I recently created a Facebook fan page for the RJI Collaboratory — a community of journalists, developers, and others who are building the future of local and niche news, supported by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Yes, the Collaboratory has a Ning community site. However, it’s always easier to engage people when you go where they are, rather than demanding they come to your site just to talk and share. Hence the fan page — so we can bring the activity of the Collaboratory to our members who spend more time on Facebook than on the Collaboratory site.

I still hate Facebook, but since it’s so damn popular I have no choice but to use it, especially to connect with various communities. One of the many things that annoy me about Facebook is how difficult they make it to import content from several different feeds onto a fan page’s comment wall.

I’m by no means a Facebook expert, but I just hacked a solution to that particular problem, and thought I’d share it…

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Weirdness with Delicious daily blog post: Other options?

For a long time, I’ve been using the Delicious daily blog post feature to syndicate to this site the  interesting stuff I’m saving and sharing via the popular social bookmarking service Delicious.

Since the recent Delicious upgrade, that service has had some issues.

First, that daily blog post stopped working for me entirely until I looked through the Delicious documentation and learned I now had to run the Postalicious plugin to continue making that feature work with WordPress. No biggie, I installed it.

Postalicious gave me a lot of new options for configuring that daily blog post.  I experimented with them. One option I liked was the ability to change the default title supplied to that post. Also, I temporarily changed my posting interval to hourly (so I’d show more posts with fewer links each), but decided I didn’t like that so today I switched it back to daily.

But today, I’m wondering whether Delicious has stopped working with Postalicious. Today’s links post is back to running the standard head Delicious supplied before: “Links for [DATE] (” I’m not happy with that heading, but right now I don’t seem to have the ability to change it.

I checked the Delicious support forum, where users are discussing the changes to this service. I noticed this interesting post from Britta of Delicious, regarding their future strategy for this service…

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Delicious: Now a SERIOUS microblogging tool!

I just noticed that sometime over the last few days quietly upgraded its bookmarklet to support a notes field of up to 1000 characters, the new maximum length of a post to Delicious. (It used to be just 255 characters, which was a too-tight constraint for bloggers.)

This is a great thing for people like me who use Delicious as a way to supply content to blogs (rather than just to remember or share interesting sites).

delicious support forum thread

Also with the recent major facelift, they’ve overhauled the “blog posting” service (available under “settings” for your account) that allows you to connect your Delicious account to your blog, and make regular posts to your blog of whatever you’re bookmarking in Delicious. In short, you can now exercise much greater control over how and when Delicious posts items to your blog. I’ll be experimenting with that in Contentious, to see how I can improve your experience of that content here.

Way to go, Delicious! At least Yahoo is doing something right these days!

Multiple account support?

My only remaining criticism of the Delicious Firefox add on is that it does not yet support multiple accounts. I maintain separate Delicious accounts to feed different blogs and other projects. Formerly I used the Delicious Complete Firefox add-on to post to Delicious because it does support multiple accounts. But unfortunately that add-on is not compatible with Firefox 3, and I don’t know if it ever will be. Sad. (Murklins hacked together an independent update attempt — I haven’t tried it yet, but I probably will.)

Fellow Delicious user Britta also would like the official Delicious bookmarklet to support multiple accounts. Follow and speak up in this support forum thread if you’d also like this feature.

Britta also suggested that Mac users who want to post to multiple Delicious accounts try the third-party tool Pukka. I just installed it, and it seems functional but very basic. Also, so far it only supports posts up to 255 characters, so I won’t be using it.

But again, the real news here is that Delicious now supports posts of up to 1000 words, and the tools that make it easy to post to Delicious without having to visit the Delicious site also are now supporting that higher text limit. Microbloggers, have a blast!