How to Fix Adblock Plus clash with Lijit search

Firefox users: To disable Adblock Plus on (or any site), you’ll need to add this handy red icon to your toolbar.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying out the search widget Lijit on this site — not just for site search, but as a “me collector” (to aggregate all my content posted in various places online). It appears to be working fine — except in the Firefox web browser, where I’ve hit a snag.

Turns out that Lijit search and the popular Firefox add-on Adblock Plus (which I use) don’t play nicely with each other at this point. Consequently, if you view Contentious using Firefox (at least the Mac version) and try to conduct a Lijit search, it’ll probably just hang there and deliver no results. However, the Lijit search for my site works just fine for me in the Safari browser.

Lijit community analyst Tara Anderson recently contacted me to ask how Lijit was working for me, and I described this problem. She replied, “Do you have AdBlock as a plug-in on your Firefox browser? If so, then that will block any results from being returned. There is a workaround — you have to add Lijit into the whitelist of your AdBlock and then it should recognize Lijit as a safe site, allowing the results to be displayed.”

OK, so how do you do that? Tara was kind enough to give me the answer…
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I think this blog hack is under control (knock wood)

Blmurch, via Flickr (CC license)
Yep, spammers are asses. And evil, in a mostly banal sense. Grumble….

Over the last few days, and especially this morning, I’ve been wrangling with fixing a hack done to this blog by a spammer. It’s been pretty stressful, but Tom Vilot and other helpful geeks have been absolute angels in helping me figure out this server-side crap. Thanks, all!

For now, I think we’ve probably neutralized what this hacker has done. But I’ve got a contingency plan in place to rapidly relocate this blog to another server should new problems from this hack arise. If problems do arise, I’ll probably have Bluehost create a new account for me, reinstall WordPress, repopulate the blog’s database, etc. A hassle, but not unrecoverable.

Lessons learned. These mostly apply to WordPress blogs, but can have wider applicability…
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Why blogging conferences is so damn hard

Think it’s easy blogging a blogging conference? Think again.

(UPDATE: If you’re reading this post in a feed reader, you may see a big block of spam below. Sorry about that — my blog has been hacked. I’m working to fix it.)

The thing about conferences is that, in my opinion, it’s really damn hard to both attend the conference and blog about it much — unless I go to the conference specifically to blog it. A lot of things get in the way.

Right now I’m at Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas, where yesterday my blogging ethics panel went very well (thanks to my excellent panelist and a very engaged audience). More about that panel later.

Here’s a quick rundown of my reasons (or excuses) why I have a hard time blogging at conferences, unless that’s my reason for being there…

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