YouTube debates for state & local politics?

Everyone’s gaga over the recent TV debate among the Democratic presidential candidates featuring video questions submitted via YouTube. Yes, that was very intriguing and refreshing. I think this approach has ample potential.

In fact, it’s too damn cool to leave it to presidential elections alone.

Personally, I’d love to see this applied at the state and local level — and not just for candidate debates, but about referenda, too. We’re all getting bludgeoned with the runup for the 2008 Presidential election like it’s the only race that matters. But in fact, when it comes to getting stuff done that directly affects most of our lives on a daily basis, state and local politics and issues matter more.

I haven’t had time to research this yet, but I’m hoping my readers can give me a leg up on this one. Has anyone seen online video debates happening in state or local politics? Give me some examples and links!

Here’s one example I found of state-level politics and public questioning of state senators available on YouTube. It’s not quite like what YouTube and CNN did, but it’s worth a look:

(Thanks to Kristin Johnson for nudging me on this topic.)