Gmail Mobile: My Dialup Lifeline

My inbox, seen through Gmail mobile. Lean and fast.

I’m spending the weekend relaxing up at my cabin near the Continental Divide. We only have dialup net access here. (Don’t razz me for getting online from here. I use my computer and e-mail for much more than just work!)

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty reliant on Gmail for my e-mail — and my e-mail helps me organize and manage my life and work. I like Gmail’s functionality and conversation-centered interface — plus I’m now completely hooked on the Firefox Gmail plugin GTDinbox.

Trouble is, Gmail is Ajax-heavy — and thus desperately slow to load and use over a dialup connection.

My solution? When I’m up here at the cabin I use the mobile version of Gmail. It’s totally bare-bones, but it’s good enough for quickly checking or searching my mail.

So if you’re on dialup occasionally or regularly, and you want to use an online service or site that’s desperately slow to load, see if they offer a mobile version. It might not have everything you want, but it might be good enough and much less tedious.

Oh, and also try changing your browser’s preferences so that you’re not automatically downloading images. That speeds things up, too. Less pretty, more practical.

And now, back to relaxing on the deck, in a cool summer breeze, with a glass of rich red Argentinian wine and a book of bizarre short stories by Vladimir Nabokov… Priorities, folks…