Dale Willman on radio in Indonesia

Dale Willman
Borobudur, a Buddhist temple on the island of Java.

For a change of pace, here’s an audio podcast. My good friend and environmental journalism colleague Dale Willman just got back from a three-week trip to Indonesia where he was training radio journalists there how to do an environmental radio show — and just how to do radio production, period.

Yesterday Dale and I had a fun conversation about his trip, the state of media in Indonesia, and why text messaging is so popular there.

Listen now! (Or right-click to download)

Dale Willman
In the studio: One of the Indonesian radio journalists Dale helped to train.

I\’m On a Panel Tonight: Podcasting & PR (Palo Alto)

Today I’m catching a plane to San Jose for the second annual BlogHer conference, which starts tomorrow.

Tonight (Thursday, July 27) I’ve been invited to speak on a panel at a monthly gathering of Bay Area PR luminaries, held this month in Palo Alto. The topic is podcasting.

My fellow panelists are:

The panel is at Fanny & Alexander in Palo Alto. It starts at 6:30 tonight, and probably goes until 9 or so. I don’t believe there’s a fee to attend this event, but you might want to RSVP via Meetup.com.

So to warm up my brain for this, here are a few thoughts on podcasting as conversational media…

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Monday: BBC Radio covers women in podcasting

On Monday, March 13, the BBC Radio 4 program Women’s Hour will be covering the topic of women in podcasting. It’ll be a panel discussion, with audio clips from various shows hosted or co-hosted by women.

Here’s the Women’s Hour web site. They archive their shows in streaming format. After this episode is archived online, I’ll post a link.

If you’re interested in this topic…

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Feeds Are About Privacy, Not Just Technology

Today I just found out (via The Green Skeptic) that The Nature Conservancy is now offering a podcast: Nature Stories Podcast. I’m quite interested in the environment, so I clicked right over to add that show’s feed to my feed reader. (What’s a feed? And a podcast?)

I looked for a feed link on that page, but found none. However, there is a link that says “Subscribe to podcast.” I clicked on that and got taken to a form where they expected me to provide my name, e-mail, street address, etc. just to sign up for their podcast!

It seems to me that whoever put this site together doesn’t understand that feeds ARE a type of permission contact. But it’s a type of contact that offers the subscriber maximum control and privacy.

If you want to build a relationship with people, it’s important to respect their communication and contact preferences…

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More Female Podcasters

I’ve just updated the Women in Podcasting list again, with about 20 more shows hosted or co-hosted by women. This update includes a couple of new videologs.

HERE’S THE LIST! Note that it’s a rendered OPML file, not a regular web page, so read the instructions on how to navigate it.

Thanks to everyone who suggested shows to add. Keep the suggestions coming! In the “About this list” section of the list page I explain how to suggest a show.

Women in Podcasting: 40 New Shows Listed

Now that I’ve relaunched the Women in Podcasting list as an OPML outline (which is much, much easier to maintain), I can finally start catching up on my considerable backlog of suggested shows.

I’ve just added about 40 new shows to the list. These are all currently active podcasts that are hosted or co-hosted by women. This brings the current total of active podcasts and videologs on this list to about 120 shows.

SEE THE LIST! Remember, it’s a rendered OPML file, not a regular web page. Just click on any “+” sign to view the contents of that item.

I’ve also included updates to a few shows that were listed previously.

More about this ongoing project…
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