ONAcamp Denver, June 23: Resources for my mobile journalism session

I’m back in Colorado for a few days, and in a few minutes I’m heading over to ONAcamp Denver — a daylong event with training and workshops in digital journalism. My session runs 9-10am MT. Here’s the info, if you’re going:

Adirondacks (Tivoli 440/540): Mobile Reporting
As more and more users turn to mobile devices for news and information, journalists should be including the platform in their news gathering and delivery. But how? This session will take a big-picture look at trends in the mobile industry, the differences between mobile and the web, the significance of having a mobile presence and the best tools to use in the mobile space.

Here are some things I’ll be mentioning…

My Twitter ID: @agahran (be sure to spell it right — most people get it wrong)

Know your mobile media channels — if you understand this, you can do a better job of mobile publishing/engagement and reporting from the field

Will Sullivan, master of all things mojo: @journerdism

Will’s excellent mobile journalism tools guide

I’ll expand this post after the session with links to whatever mobile stuff we end up discussing.

2 thoughts on ONAcamp Denver, June 23: Resources for my mobile journalism session

  1. Hello Amy! Your presentation today was great. I’m the woman with the original cracked Android phone (haha). Thank you for presentating. Please let me know if you use that picture for your website, thanks.

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