YouTube founders buy Delicious, but I’ve moved on

For a long time I was a devoted fan of the social bookmarking service Delicious. It was my backup brain, and I used it to feed content to this blog when I didn’t have time to write. But after Yahoo bought it a couple of years ago, they just let it wither on the vine. It was sad.

So I was happy to see this news today:

YouTube Founders Buy Delicious; First Step To Taking On Google?

…Of course, I’ve moved on. Diigo is now my new backup brain. I’ll keep an eye on how Delicious evolves, but it would take a hell of an upgrade to tempt me to switch back.

One thought on “YouTube founders buy Delicious, but I’ve moved on

  1. I’ve never used Delicious so don’t really care who owns it. Not surprising Yahoo ditched it though. They seem to have the worst business sense when it comes to buying or selling websites. Look at their recent acquisition of Associated Content, a website now which seems to be losing readers faster than Sarah Palin will lose the Republicans votes if she runs in the presidential election. I’ll bet the $100 million they spent on that is a decision they wish they could reverse and, in the future, they’ll probably regret selling Delicious too.

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