Finally! Now you now can find Android apps on the web

Last July, as I was preparing to ditch my iPhone for an Android phone, I complained on my CNN Tech mobile blog about how hard it was to find Android apps without an Android phone. There were some workarounds and third-party directories, but still it was much harder than it needed to be.

Why does this issue matter? Prospective Android users (especially people contemplating switching from another platform, like iPhone or BlackBerry) often want to know which apps are available on Android before they commit to that switch.

Today, Google finally corrected this oversight…

See on CNN Tech: Google unveils Web-based Android Market for phones, tablets.

Google is spinning this as a way to better serve users with multiple Android devices, especially tablets. But I’ll bet this also is a move to entice more iPhone and BlackBerry users to go Android.

After all, as Mark Millian noted in his CNN story: “[Honeycomb’s] synchronization features will mean little if Google can’t persuade smartphone customers to purchase upcoming Android tablets.”

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