Making links work for news: Mobile

As part of my research on mobile strategies for news, I subscribe to text alerts from several news organizations around the country. I do this from a cheap little Samsung Freeform candybar-style feature phone, so I can get a feel for what this experience is like for the vast majority of mobile users.

In general, this has been a pretty mixed experience…

Most news orgs are doing a great job of publishing the right amount of alerts (no more than 1-2 daily, unless there’s a major breaking local story), with the right kind and amount of information (not just headline shovelware

BUT: The links included in these text alerts are where these services fall short.

Yesterday, on the Knight Digital Media Center site, I wrote a list of tips about how to make links that work for all mobile users, especially keeping feature phone users in mind.

See: Engage your mobile audience with links that work for them

This is a followup to my Jan. 21 post: How missing links hurt online news

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