links for 2010-11-10

  • "Despite burying the Soviet Union and having things their own way for 30 years (at least in Britain and the US), the end of history has proven to be a period as uncertain as any other. Far from ushering in a von Hayekian utopia, capitalism has been rocked to its foundations by a financial crisis few of its apologists saw coming. Keynes has been dug up and reanimated to get things going again, but at the same time the spectre of Marx has been disturbed and has taken to haunting their imaginations.

    Zombies as a horror staple are the result of some unfathomable biological or supernatural crisis that cannot be reversed. They are mindless. They are faceless. They are ugly. And they want to invade your home and feast on your flesh. If this does not work as an allegory for bourgeois attitudes to and fears of the working class, I don't know what does."

  • Interesting analysis of the zombie culture phenomenon from a class and gender perspective. I agree with the class argument, but that's not the only way to view it.

    I don't buy the gender argument. Too many zombie movies have strong female protagonists, and alpha males are as often buffoons as not.

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