links for 2010-09-17

  • A new Ushahidi spinoff tool for verification of crowdsourced geotagged structered info.
  • "Patch has a policy that it the local editor’s responsibility to find our nights/weekend/vacation replacements. And we must pay that person out of our freelance budgets. I’m just three months into this job, and I’ve heard from LEs around the country that this task of finding your replacement can be daunting, because it is hard to find qualified journalists who have that sort of time to do a vacation fill-in — who who will do it for what Patch pays its freelancers. I’ve been hearing that LEs who have been around longer, up to a year, are starting to question whether the job is worth it."
  • " Places is different from the current location-based social services, like Foursquare and Gowalla, in that it's not about creating a "game" around locations or "rewarding" users for checking-in. These types of services reward users with discounts, freebies and symbolic badges for frequenting locations. Places is simply about sharing location-based experiences within the Facebook network.

    "So why is the Facebook Places announcement such a big deal, especially with other products like Foursquare offering loyalty incentives and even discounts for users? Simple: Facebook's sheer size and influence. With Facebook joining the location-based game, you'll see a much more rapid adoption of location services among social users, which will benefit both the users and the businesses participating. Facebook can truly take location mainstream."

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