links for 2010-07-15

  • " Gmail's easy-to-use Mail Fetcher feature and POP3 access, you can easily import all of your old emails to your new, respectable Gmail address with a few very simple steps. Here's how it works…"
  • Short (and annoying) answer: NO

    "I'm guessing that they have some super-duper extra strength data deduplication scheme going on that allows them to offer such massive storage to everyone. It is a bit annoying, as I'm moving data backups rom a personal account to a work account for wider access. Don't want everyone poking through my personal email to find a backup file, really. And, now I will actually have two copies (three, if you count the desktop ones) on Gmail, which defeats the purpose of their scheme, really, because of the method I need to use to get the emails there. If I had been able to import from another Gmail account, or I could export to a file, it would have been much easier.

    I had to use the desktop approach to get it to work – which took forever, considering there were about 2 GB of backup data to move."

  • "The software, which will be available for the PC and Mac, gives students the ability to download and organize electronic textbooks, as well as keep all of their notes, syllabuses, and so on in one safe place. Handy. And no, you don’t need a nook to use NOOKstudy."
  • "NOOKstudy application that is designed to let students manage all of their digital content on their PC or Mac. This new study tool offers instant downloads to eTextbooks and academic and trade titles. NOOKstudy is also an application that takes ebook reading to the next level with support for searchable lecture notes, syllabi, slides, images, course-related documents, and more. NOOKstudy will be available starting this fall semester after pilot testing at selected 2 and 4 year institutions is complete."
  • "Finnish phone maker Nokia had decided to dump its antiquated Symbian operating system for future high-end smartphones in favour of its sleeker, Linux-based MeeGo mobile OS. The first phones to get the MeeGo treatment will be the new Nokia N-series, with the N8 being the very last of its kind to sport the now nearly defunct Symbian before its shoved over to cheaper Nokia devices."
  • One way to check if your e-mail has been hacked: "Once you’re done backing up everything, make sure to check the list of IPs that have been accessing your account. Gmail offers that at the bottom of the screen, but most services will offer up similar information these days, too."

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