links for 2010-06-30

  • "When the second generation iPhones came out, Simkhai immediately recognized their GPS capabilities as a way to enhance the way location could define an online cruising experience. What he accidentally did in the process was to liberate Internet cruising from the desktop. This sounds simple, but it actually amounts to a significant reversal in gay socializing: the very force that was decimating living, breathing gay culture was now offering a reason to once again leave the house and create it.

    “You can go down to a Chris Harris party in Boston and turn Grindr on, and it actually works better. You have 30 guys within 300 feet of you. The incentive is to be mobile, to get out and about. It’s not tying you down anywhere.” Simkhai is running with the notion that location matters, and there have already been more than 150 branded Grindr parties around the country — pretty much designed to mimic the strange sight I saw in P-town."

  • Re: testy complaints from Washington Post staffers about having people who dare to publicly express opinions in their midst:

    "What the complaints don’t recognize is that the personal branding approach isn’t only about self-aggrandizement or a license for punditry. It’s a response to the straitjacket of “traditional” journalism, which presumes that there is only one way to tell a given story, and that all professional journalists will converge on it. It’s a tool to get past false equivalence and he-said/she-said reporting and blandly written, conventional-wisdom-spewing “news analysis” stories, and of saying, “Here is what I, an intelligent, critical observer who has earned your trust (or not) by virtue of my prior work, find to be interesting, newsworthy, and true—and, as important, what I find to be not true.” It is one response to the very real editorial failures of political journalism, which too often fails to inform readers of what is actually at stake. "

  • This is interesting. When the iOS4 came out, allowing an iPhone (3Gs & above only) to pair with a bluetooth keyboard, that overcame a huge accessibility hurdle for visually impaired iPhone users.
  • While I'm getting slammed on today for writing my opinion about Apple finally opening up the iPhone bluetooth stack for keyboards, apparently this came out a few months ago — but only for jailbroken phones.

    "The Bluetooth keyboard app for iPhone works only with Jailbroken iPhones (particularly iPhone 3GS) and iPod Touch devices. Support for iPhone 2G and earlier models is yet to come, presumably, ‘cause nothing is impossible with the iPhone. It is available via the Cydia store. Here is the list of compatible and non-compatible Bluetooth keyboards for iPhone Bluetooth keyboard app."

  • Amazing photography of nature reclaiming abandoned houses in Detroit.
  • "I got to talk to Mikael and Niklas Hed, cousins and chief officers at Rovio Mobile (the company behind Angry Birds), last week at E3 about their game and its success so far. They told me that the game has had four million downloads to date across, both, its paid and lite versions, and they said that they'll keep updating it "as long as the underlying market keeps growing." I asked them why they have chosen this model of just supporting the game with free updates, and they pointed to Valve's Team Fortress 2 as an example; they're updating the game just because they're "focused on bringing great value" to their customers.

    "Future updates to the game will include new birds to play around with and a little bit of multiplayer functionality, which is coming in a "huge update" very soon."

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