links for 2010-05-27

  • "One thing Facebook has made clear is that the privacy changes apply to all content retroactively as well as new products going forward. There's now one control (found by going to the Account menu and then Privacy Settings) that allows users to make all of their content—photos, contact info, wall postings, etc.—available to only friends, friends of friends, or everyone. If users want to customize those settings on a more granular basis, they can, but that's no longer required if users want to just make one click and be done with it."
  • Coming to prepaid US phones? If the carriers can make enough money off of it, I'd say yes, eventually…

    "This week Facebook launched, where they worked out deals with 50 mobile operators in 45 countries to either zero-rate data costs coming to that URL, or paying that data cost themselves. This means that anyone, even those with no airtime on their mobile phone, can still take part in Facebook.

    "…What has happened is that Facebook, even with all of their problems and questionable ethical moves on privacy issues, still have a great strategist with a global perspective in their midst. What they have realized is that the only way to increase penetration in the developing world is to cover the data costs for their users (or, if lucky, snooker a mobile operator into not charging them for it)."

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