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  • "Foursquare may still be relatively small (around 450,000 users), but wow have they been able to woo certain areas of the mainstream quickly. We already know about the deals with Conde Nast, Marc Jacobs, the New York Times, and others — some of which are pulling in revenue. And then there’s the Bravo deal, which has already included a commercial spot. But now, Foursquare is getting love in the bright lights of Vegas.

    "Yes, the pictures above and below were taken at the Miracle Mile Shops attached to the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas. As you can see, the huge ads entice users to check-in at the mall. If you do so, they might highlight your check-in, any tips, and even show who the current mayor (the Foursquare user who has checked-in most often) of the mall is prominently."

  • "Seen from the perspective of traditional business, social enterprise can seem like a madman’s pursuit. That was Tom Tierney’s initial experience when he left Bain and Company to found the Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit dedicated to helping organizations that serve others. In this audio lecture, Tierney takes us from the niggling little voice asking if he was leading his life in a meaningful way through his adventure to break with his old but lucrative life and pursue something that would truly make a social impact. He spoke at the Innovation Summit, an event organized by Civic Ventures and sponsored by the Center for Social Innovation to celebrate social entrepreneurs over the age of 50."
  • "Google removed SearchWiki, the feature that allowed you to customize search results by promoting them, removing them or adding comments below search snippets. SearchWiki cluttered search results and the aggregated results from public SearchWiki pages were rarely useful."

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  • "10 to the 27th power is a colossal number, but will it be accepted as being hella big?
    "An oft-hated slang word coined in Northern California has been proposed as a worthy entry into the field of scientific measurement when calculating enormous numbers. Austin Sendek, a physics student at UC Davis, wants the number of 10 to the 27th power — a trillion trillions — to officially become "hella" big.
  • See the comments for excellent rebuttal of this point:

    "Sadly for me researchers also found one other trait—but only in males—is linked to higher IQs: sexual exclusivity.

    "Kanazawa did not find that higher or lower intelligence predicted sexual exclusivity in women. This makes sense, because having one partner has always been advantageous to women, even thousands of years ago, meaning exclusivity is not a "new" preference. For men, on the other hand, sexual exclusivity goes against the grain evolutionarily. With a goal of spreading genes, early men had multiple mates."

    "(Savage:) But smarter guys, against-the-grain types, have just one. Because monogamy goes against the grain for men. Or it did. I would argue that honest non-monogamy is against-the-grainier these days than sexual exclusivity or, failing that (as so many monogamous folks do), maintaining the appearance of sexual exclusivity."

links for 2010-03-02

  • "Essentially, "The Crazies" is a stereotypical zombie film, where a mysterious outbreak happens in a small town's water supply. A cast of characters have to gruesomely fight their way to freedom, all while not getting infected themselves. But Director Breck Eisner found a way to take the played-out zombie genre and create a unique blood fest that had everybody in the theater freaked out."
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