links for 2010-03-24

  • "Once you've opted-in, you will be able to add your location information to individual Tweets as you compose them on and with other applications or mobile devices that support this feature. The location information that is shared publicly can be either your exact location (your coordinates) or your place (like a neighborhood or town). Tweeting with your place or coordinates can add context to your updates and help you join the local conversation, wherever you are. For example, here's a weather report from Coleen, tweeting from the SoMA neighborhood in San Francisco"
  • Web self-reliance
    What it is: the ability to set up and run a web site without assistance, permission, or support1.
    Why you want it: Because begging sucks; because you’ll try far fewer experiments even if you can get a friend to help you for free, because doing so costs social capital, and that capital isn’t infinite; because if you don’t, you’ll be more dependent on an employer for a job and your livelihood, and who knows? You, yes YOU, might save journalism. And even if you don’t, you will have grand adventures on the Web and be able to Make Things, which is only the best thing ever.
  • "Mobile and wireless technologies such as smartphones, Wi-Fi hotspots and laptop data cards are becoming more important for small-business owners, according to the “Small Business Technology Poll” from AT&T.

    "More than one-fifth of respondents said they could not be in business at all without wireless technologies, and a further 43% claimed it would be a major challenge. That makes mobile and wireless critical for about two-thirds of small businesses."

  • "Finally, there's AT&T Mobile Share, which lets users share photos and videos with computers, phones and — most importantly — social networking sites. AT&T doesn't mention any specific sites, but I imagine the capability to upload a photo to Facebook on the fly could be quite popular. Unlike the other two services, this one isn't free; it'll cost $10 per month for 50 transfers, or 35 cents per transfer.

    "The new features will debut on four AT&T phones this spring: the $20 Samsung Strive, the $40 Samsung Sunburst, the full-keyboard Pantech Link and the touchscreen Pantech Pursuit. See AT&T's press release for specs and other details on those phones. These features are nothing new to smartphone owners, but an iPhone or Blackberry user must pay $30 per month for data in addition to voice and text. AT&T's Quick Messaging plans cost $30 per month for unlimited texting and data, or $20 per month for texting alone."

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