links for 2010-02-27

  • "Most of us can't afford to live exclusively within Apple's (or Microsoft's) ecosystem. Work often gets in the way of personal preferences, whatever they may be. We're also more and more inclined to experiment with new devices, and most of these aren't built by Apple or Microsoft. When this happens, we're left scrambling for workarounds to the otherwise flawless experience technology "monogamy" provides.

    "…Rumors are swirling that Google is preparing an iTunes competitor. There are plenty of reasons why it should, and here's one more: monogamy doesn't work in technology, because no vendor dominates innovation once and for all."

  • "An as-yet-unexplained Facebook glitch flooded my inbox last night and this morning with 128 private messages written by complete strangers to their friends — or, in the case of the person who wrote, “I might kill you for this,” their enemies. The misdirected missives range from mundane logistics (”hey whats ur adress so i can send u my bat mitzvah invites?”) to family squabbles (”Until I start hearing some thank yous from you, I will be unable to give you rides home after dance”) to love triangles (”I am EXTREMELY jealous of you”) to unrequited-love notes in foreign languages (”léger nuage de malaise hé oui, entre nous deux“).

    "It’s obviously troubling that any of this landed in my inbox, even if the bug only affected “a small number of users for a short period of time,” according to Facebook. But as a seemingly random slice of the unseen Internet, the errant messages are also totally fascinating."

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