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  • "During Q & A, older journalists' questions showed anxiety that they wouldn't be hired because they were too old and not tech-savvy enough. Many younger reporters' remarks seemed designed to demonstrate that they're Very Serious About Journalism, betraying a lack of experience."
  • "The 2010 Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmarks report is the first of its kind. A joint venture between M+R and, the aim of this study is to provide benchmarks and metrics by which nonprofit organizations can measure their success with text messaging, and to illustrate the various ways in which organizations are using text messaging."
  • Way cool interactive game approach to explaining medical procedure

    "Take on the role of the Surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery."

  • Well, if anyone's going to be optimistic, it might as well be young people 🙂
  • Interesting Nigerian film flips gender assumptions of polygamy. It's definitely about polygamy, not polyamory, but it sounds fun (if cheesy). Where can you get "Nollywood" films from, online or in the Bay Area?
  • "This is just how the world works. Harassing media people to admit this dynamic is a lot like arguing with a J-school professor about whether "objectivity" exists. Everyone knows it is how it is, but we've all mutually agreed to ignore it and proceed ahead, for our own mutual benefit. Any fair media critic would readily admit their biases (to a point); the more strenuously one argues their own ability to be judgmental of their own friends and drinking buddies and business connections and sources and employers, the more full of shit they generally are, and the more worthless their commentary. It truly is the Facebook-ization of the media, in the sense that you can watch much of media criticism evolve into little more than the media critic's own Facebook page of links to friend's articles and formalized mutual masturbation with fellow colleagues in the media."
  • "The end of a love affair is always a little sordid, isn’t it? Awkward moments, bracketed by false reassurances that everything is still OK, postpone the inevitable. I have a Twitter friend who delights in collecting metaphors used to describe the sinking newspaper business. Here’s a new one for you, Nick. The people who run newspapers and those who work for them are engaged in useless foreplay. They cling tightly, trying again and again to make the way they’ve always done it still work, but the passion is gone. …They eye non-profit status with government subsidies like it’s Viagra for print. …They reorganize, then reorganize again, then grope their way back to same old position that no longer works. The wretched gyrations are hideously frustrating for the poor souls involved, and sadly fruitless. They give birth to nothing new. The newspaper business is an aging, impotent beast, bringing down a lot of good journalists who are tangled in its foundering arms."
  • Excellent videoblog about homelessness: "For years I’ve used the lens of a television camera to tell the stories of homelessness and the organizations trying to help. That was part of my job. The reports were produced well and told a story, but the stories you see on this site are much different. These are the real people, telling their own, very real stories… unedited, uncensored and raw. The purpose of this vlog is to make the invisible visible. I hope these people and their stories connect with you and don’t let go. I hope their conversations with me will start a conversation in your circle of friends."
  • "Slowly, but surely, Internet Explorer 6, long the bane of many a web developer, is dying. And you’re invited to its funeral. A Denver, CO-based design company, Aten Design Group, has built a site to mark the occasion. At you can RSVP as to whether you will be able to attend the funeral service or not. It’s at the company’s headquarters in Denver, but those who aren’t able to attend in person are being asked to send flowers. For those who can attend, “Funeral attire is encouraged.”
  • "A new feature launching Wednesday will allow Scribd users to send material from the Web to their own devices — whether an iPhone or Android phone or e-readers including the Kindle, Barnes & Noble's nook and Sony Reader, among others.

    "Separately, the company is releasing a series of application protocol interfaces (APIs) enabling device makers to integrate Scribd features like search and social networking more tightly into their gadgets. That effort might even include adding a "Scribd" button to a phone interface.

    "And starting next month, Scribd will roll out applications for the iPhone and Android phones that promise to offer "a richer search, browsing and social experience directly" from these devices. It also plans to make PDF documents available in the open ePub publishing format for books, magazines and other content."

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