links for 2010-01-07

  • Interest counterpoint to yesterday's Atlantic piece about how newspaper writing style doesn't work. Seem to me this perspective "the well-written story is in danger of becoming scarce" reflects more the tastes and fears of journalists, not of regular people.
  • "In organizing your community, don't fall into the trap that equates physical proximity with community. Just because people live near one another, that fact doesn't bond those people into a community. Communities form around common needs and purposes, as will yours. So start by identifying what you can offer a community and which community might need what you can offer.

    "This might lead you away from covering a geographic area and toward covering some topical niche. So be it. Go where your knowledge, talent and passion directs you. Then starting thinking specifically about your audience community. I mean, name names. Who do you know that would want to read what you have to say? Recruit them. Don't freak out over starting with only a handful of readers. That's all you're likely to reach initially anyway. You can't count on anyone just "showing up." Go ahead and extend explicit invitations. Better yet, invite these potential readers to write for your new publication."

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