Wrestling with Scribd’s fullscreen display

I’ve been using the document-sharing service Scribd to embed documents in posts for various projects. but sometimes the “fullscreen” feature doesn’t work with the embedded document. I’m trying to troubleshoot this. So as a test I’m embedded a Scribd document here, to see if fullscreen works:

1 5 2010 Concurrent Meeting of the Oakland Redevelopment Agency City Council 10-01-05 Meeting Agenda

…OK, just viewed this post in Firefox for Mac and the fullscreen function does work here. But on another site I publish on, which is a complex Drupal site, it’s not working.

Have other Scribd users experienced similar display problems when embedding documents on Drupal sites? Got any solutions?

4 thoughts on Wrestling with Scribd’s fullscreen display

  1. Ah, Stephen, my own personal ray of sunshine, so nice to have you back 🙂

    As for posting this content in HTML: That would require reformatting the original documents in HTML, which is a lot of work — especially for lengthy government docs.

    The value of a service like scribd is the embedding, providing people a way to see the document in the browser without having to download a file and open it. Oh, and it provides and easy way for people to share the file too.

    All very valuable for folks who are not very web savvy; who mainly just know how to click links in their browser. Which is true for a large proportion of target audiences for hyperlocal sites.

    Scribd does allow easy downloading too.

    Scribd happens to have nicer-looking embedding — but if the fullscreen function clashes with the site CMS, I’ll have to switch to another service.

    – Amy Gahran

  2. This isn’t working in fullscreen on FF. I’m also having trouble with a Drupal site running scribd full screen on FF. Works perfectly on Safari and Chrome though. I like the Scribd functionality personally for easy presentation to folks. Just a quick click on the link, and they’re there. The less processing the better.

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