links for 2009-12-30

  • "A business often needs to have its own merchant account with a credit card company to use one of these methods, though. Square Inc. takes a different tack: It has its own merchant account, so it takes on the responsibility for minimizing risk and fraud. This also means that anyone can use the service."
  • For inbound international flights only. But still: This is supposed to help?

    "Straight from the TSA, and Chris Elliott's blog, we have the directives that the TSA has asked airlines to use "a best faith effort to implement, as soon as possible…" for international flights heading to the USA. Be ready to be incensed:

    · Boarding gate crew will perform a pat-down of all passengers and inspect 100% of passenger's carry-ons
    · The 3-1-1 liquids rule will be strictly enforced
    · Passengers must remain in seats within one hour of plane's arrival, with their hands clearly visible. During this hour, there will be no access to carry-ons and all airline pillows and blankets must be stowed.
    · The in-flight entertainment map will be disabled throughout the flight. (NO WAY. This was our favorite channel!) And no airplane position announcements will be made.

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