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  • "A business often needs to have its own merchant account with a credit card company to use one of these methods, though. Square Inc. takes a different tack: It has its own merchant account, so it takes on the responsibility for minimizing risk and fraud. This also means that anyone can use the service."
  • For inbound international flights only. But still: This is supposed to help?

    "Straight from the TSA, and Chris Elliott's blog, we have the directives that the TSA has asked airlines to use "a best faith effort to implement, as soon as possible…" for international flights heading to the USA. Be ready to be incensed:

    · Boarding gate crew will perform a pat-down of all passengers and inspect 100% of passenger's carry-ons
    · The 3-1-1 liquids rule will be strictly enforced
    · Passengers must remain in seats within one hour of plane's arrival, with their hands clearly visible. During this hour, there will be no access to carry-ons and all airline pillows and blankets must be stowed.
    · The in-flight entertainment map will be disabled throughout the flight. (NO WAY. This was our favorite channel!) And no airplane position announcements will be made.

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  • Um, not really. These stats are only for top *smartphone* brands. Smartphones still comprise only a small part of the mobile market, even in the US. Dumber, cheaper “feature phones” still comprise the overwhelming majority of the US mobile market.The mobile digital divide is likely to persist for some time, unless smartphones and their data plans get radically more affordable.

    Smartphones are cool, and developers like to focus on them — but it’s disingenuous to present them as the only mobile market that matters. If you want to reach more people by mobile, you need to offer a good low-end mobile experience, too. And that includes strategies like SMS and e-mail.

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Facebook fan page hack: How to publish multiple feeds to your fan page wall

I recently created a Facebook fan page for the RJI Collaboratory — a community of journalists, developers, and others who are building the future of local and niche news, supported by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Yes, the Collaboratory has a Ning community site. However, it’s always easier to engage people when you go where they are, rather than demanding they come to your site just to talk and share. Hence the fan page — so we can bring the activity of the Collaboratory to our members who spend more time on Facebook than on the Collaboratory site.

I still hate Facebook, but since it’s so damn popular I have no choice but to use it, especially to connect with various communities. One of the many things that annoy me about Facebook is how difficult they make it to import content from several different feeds onto a fan page’s comment wall.

I’m by no means a Facebook expert, but I just hacked a solution to that particular problem, and thought I’d share it…

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  • The data publicly released by ComScore — the stuff overlooked in the iPhone-beats-Windows-Mobile blog posts — is rich and revealing. Even the charts released by FierceDeveloper show trends overlooked by the aforementioned blogs.

    Based on a survey of 2,300 U.S. consumers, among those planning a smartphone purchase in the next three months, 51 percent said one of several BlackBerries. By comparison, 20 percent plan to buy either an iPhone 3GS (14 percent) or iPhone 3G (6 percent). More surprising, 17 percent plan on buying one of several Android-based models. Almost half of these, 8 percent, said the Verizon Droid.

    BlackBerry is iPhone's ceiling and Android the floor, and they're squeezing iPhone between.

Facebook Will Eat Your Children

Tom Vilot just sent me this. Probably not far off the mark, given the sleazy way Facebook is messing with privacy settings.

URGENT FACEBOOK UPDATE: As of today, Facebook staff will be allowed to eat your children and pets. To turn this option off, go to settings, then privacy, then meals. Click the top two boxes to prevent the employees of Facebook from eating your beloved children and pets. (Unless you don’t like your children, in which case… Carry on!). Copy this to your status to warn your friends!!!

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