links for 2009-09-22

  • "As far as I can tell, if you subscribe to an external calendar on iCal, that doesn't translate into it being disseminated across your Mobile Me account, so you might have to move some appointments from one calendar to another if you want to edit them or see them on your remote device.

    "In terms of just seeing more than one calendar, however, it's pretty easy. To do this you'll want to be logged in to your Google Calendar account and have already accepted the sharing invitations from your colleagues so that their calendars also show up. You'll also want iCal running…"

  • Kara Andrade, en route to Guatemala: "Now that I’ve clocked over 1000 miles on Mexican highways, byways and calles, I feel like I have enough street cred to write up a little guide for my fellow American drivers who are thinking about traveling here by car. If you’re an aggressive, fast and furious driver like me you’re going to have a blast. All you granny drivers out there will be OK too- the Mexicans will figure out how to get around you one way or another. So without further delay, here’s the quick start guide for my gringos…"
  • "Why is e-mail reactive? Because you are always responding to events that happen to you – namely, an email arriving. In other areas of work this kind of behaviour would be called “fighting fires” – there’s always a new outburst of flame demanding attention. No client or methodology is particularly well suited to saying “I’m going to ignore this email for a while, and then efficiently process it as a batch with similar emails (at a time that suits me)”. I.e. No client is supporting proactive email processing.

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