links for 2009-09-10

  • "The average US mobile user has 59 contacts, 25 pictures, 16 music tracks, 9 ringtones, 2 videos and 2 games stored on their mobile device. In W. Europe, the average device has 30-80% more content across all categories. 81% of installed pictures and 80% of video clips on mobile devices were taken with the phone's camera, whereas 64% of installed music tracks were transferred to the user's device either via a memory card or via USB cable/Bluetooth connection from their PC. While music-phone owners have an average of 40 music tracks on their phone, the average number of video clips installed on video-enabled devices is only 3."
  • "While the vendor vaguely guided signs of market stabilization, the sharp decline in shipments of its Nseries portfolio remains a concern for the Finnish vendor. The turnaround of its flagship Nseries will be critical for driving revenues and profitability."
  • Globally: "Among the top-five brands, South Korean players Samsung and LG again outgrew all their major rivals, due to robust demand for their touchphones and QWERTY phones. Samsung reached a record high of 19% marketshare, and LG hit an all-time high of 11%. Meanwhile, Apple held steady with 2% marketshare."

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