My Mac Snow Leopard installation disaster so far

NOTE: So far I’ve had 3 visits to Apple Store to attempt repairs. SEE NEXT UPDATE.

I’ve used Macs for many years, and I’ve been lucky: never had a hard drive crash, or a problem installing a software update.

Until yesterday

I purchased the $29 Snow Leopard update, and tried installing it yesterday.

Midway through the installation, the installer choked & said it “could not change the contents of my hard drive.”

Then my mac would not reboot.

I packed everything up and went to the Bay St Apple Store (Emeryville, CA). They said it was most likely a pre-existing problem with my hard drive, and the OS update pushed it into failure. (this is plausible, my machine would often suddenly start thrashing, one reason why I wanted to do this update).

My mac was under warranty, so they replaced my HD for free. I renewed my ProCare subscription to make it happen that day. The Apple store also installed Snow Leopard on the brand new drive. They noted that they were unable to install the iLife suite on Snow Leopard, but said I should be able to install those programs from my original install discs.

I took home my brainwashed mac. I booted it up, it was like a brand new machine. After I established am admin acct, I was able to run a restore from my latest Time Machine backup.

The restore took 3 hrs, and appeared to go well. I watched the files copying onto the new drive.

When it was done, I was amazed to see that I could not access my restored data and apps. It was like the restore never happened.

I was stunned. Tom Vilot was available to help me troubleshoot. He shared my screen over iChat and investigated further, but we both ended up stumped.

Here’s his assessment:

“Attempting to do a Time Machine restore last night succeeded, but confusingly there are two entries in /Volumes:
– Macintosh HD
– Macintosh HD 1

“Everything restored to “Macintosh HD,” but it appears the system is running off of “Macintosh HD 1” and I can see no way to reconfigure it to run off of “Macintosh HD.” There is only one entry in the System Preferences -> Startup Disk panel.

“Why are there two entires in /Volumes like this? How do we tell the machine to use “Macintosh HD” instead of “Macintosh HD 1” and how do we get rid of “Macintosh HD 1”

….I really need help here I depend on this computer. If you have ideas or can help, please comment below. Thanks.

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  1. I just installed a new hard drive in my MacBook, and when I first attempted the restore from Time Machine, I got failures. I called Apple tech support (on the phone with them for over an hour) and was bumped up to a specialist named Janet when my problem wasn’t easily solved. She had me boot up from the original Leopard disk (I was not installing Snow Leopard, just restoring a Leopard install). She walked me through a different set of screens to get to a command to back up from Time Machine. It had something to do with the hard drive being partitioned when Leopard was loaded on the blank new hard drive, which might relate to your problem since you are showing two hard drive names. Might give Apple tech support a call.

  2. Thanks Virginia.

    I have another Apple Store appt tonight. I’m bringing my original Leopard install discs, If I have to revert to Leopard to get this restore to work fine. If they can’t make it work, I’ll just have them wipe the whole thing again and install leopard for me, then I’ll try another backup. If I have trouble with that I’ll call apple tech support.

    I’m always wary of calling tech support, usually it’s a lengthy, frustrating, and unrewarding experience for me. More seems to get done when I’m in someone’s face. But it’s good to know your experience. I’ll see what happens.

    – Amy

  3. Hmmm… I am waiting for a local computer fair to purchase a MacBook next week, but after reading your post, that sounds a bit scary to hear this kind of issues before switching to Mac… 😉

    Anyway, I hope you will find a solution to your installation, and please post your solution on your blog if possible. I am sure that will help lots of people, including me 😉

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