links for 2009-04-14

  • Great resource list of jailbreak iPhone apps. Oh, I'm sooooo tempted, just don't have the mental bandwidth, and don't think AT&T would let me out of the rest of the contract, hmmmmm….
  • "At a Q&A at the cable industry’s annual show today, Murdoch waxed on about the Kindle’s qualities, then made a reference to investing in a machine that could be even more attractive–one that boasted a large, full-color screen. I was covering the event live [original story below], and these are my notes from the relevant part of his chat. Please bear in mind that this is a very rough paraphrase:

    Murdoch: " We need new models. The first inkling of it is the Kindle. You can get the whole paper there. And you can get the whole of The Wall Street Journal on your BlackBerry. We’re investing in a new device that has a bigger screen, four-color, and you can get everything there." [Did I just hear that correctly?]

    "After the event, I checked in with a News Corp. spokesperson, who confirmed that I hadn’t been hallucinating: News Corp. is indeed in “exploratory” talks about making an investment in a company working on e-reader technologies."

  • "Murdoch said that he was investing in a “new device” with a “bigger screen” to rival the Amazon Kindle, and a News Corp spokesperson later confirmed that “exploratory talks” are in process right now with an e-reader company.

    "Which begs the question, which e-reader is Murdoch backing? We’ve seen a large Fujitsu colour e-reader of late, as well as rival company Hearst prepping one that might tempt us. Who knows, it might even be Sony, which has been fighting hard to draw attention away from the Kindle of late."

  • I'm trying to track down more information on this claim, which I found here:

    "News Corp (NYSE: NWS) has also said it is investing in an e-reader with a bigger screen than the current Kindle, although that device seems still to be in the exploratory phase."

  • Cool set of interactive data visualization tools my friend Max just told me about. I'll have to play with this
  • Everyblock has responded to LAPD geodata flaws: "We've launched a number of improvements today that help solve two problems: ungeocoded data and inaccurately geocoded data. Some of this is unavoidably technical, but I'll try my best to explain it without getting too geeky…."

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