Public Media Collaborative, Mar. 11 meeting, Berkeley

Scott Rosenberg, Susan Mernit, and lots of other smart people chatting at the Mar. 11 Public Media Collaborative meeting, Berkeley.

Scott Rosenberg, Susan Mernit, and lots of other smart people chatting at the Mar. 11 Public Media Collaborative meeting, Berkeley.

Last night I attended a meeting of the Bay Area Public Media Collaborative. I’m impressed by how this group is pulling together significant and diverse energy and talent.

The point? To “bring together bloggers, journalists, technologists, media and environmental justice folks, community organizers and activists from around the Bay area to explore and discuss social justice and emerging technology issues in a way that links theory and practice.”

One nonprofit group represented there last night, Independent Arts and Media, is planning a Journalism Innovations Expo II. Collaborative members discussed tacking a social/online media train-the-trainers Barcamp-style event onto the beginning or end of the expo.

I live-tweeted last night’s meeting. Here’s what I posted…

  • #PMC meeting is now starting, track the action on Twitter Search
  • Pretty powerful group of media people & community organizers at #PMC meeting tonight.
  • @susanmernit: #PMC is starting to get interest from people outside journ/media world: geeks, community organizers, etc. Cool!
  • The building where the #PMC meeting is tonight also houses and an association of photojournalists.
  • #PMC meeting: Time for attendees to talk about projects they want to do, so we can organize ourselves so we help can do them.
  • @JoyceKim suggests Literacy Bridge talking book project that could use some help from #PMC community.
  • @joycekim says Literacy Bridge needs investors/donors, grantwriters, fundraising, product specification developers for its device.
  • @marcsmolowitz says Full Circle Fund wants to map Bay Area nonprofit closures. Needs tech help #PMC
  • Independent Arts and Media is organizing Journalism Innovations 2 event, May 1, USF. Needs help with organizing, exhibitors, donors #PMC
  • @jdlasica “Screw the big cos/foundations, local public media needs to be done by grassroots” #PMC
  • @beandy: Redefining Progress techpopulism project: how-to wiki for noprofits using social media, and mapping out new net tools needed
  • Barry Brilliant at #PMC meeting looking for help with designing net-enabled devices for seniors.
  • #PMC nonprofit looking for help with independent Sacramento news coverage (statehouse)
  • #PMC Friends Committee on Legislation of CA is doing advocacy/citizen journalism on CA prison system. Hiring development/outreach person.
  • #PMC city of oakland marketing dept is looking to learn more about how to use social media to market the city, needs people.
  • @boothism’s org is working with organization that helps Oakland youth. (Need org name, URL)
  • @maiki’s new company is developing a toolkit for microblogging, wiki, soc. media #PMC
  • Oakland Clean and Safe Ports needs help to draw attention to Oakland port issues prior to big vote coming up #PMC
  • @susanmernit #PMC community is gelling due to compatible interests/needs.
  • Public Media Collaborative wiki is where #PMC community will coordinate on resources, needs.
  • @susanmernit likes Barcamp training model. Would like #PMC event to train the trainers for nonprofit/community orgs to learn soc. media
  • @susanmernit would like #PMC train-the-trainers event to have followup mentoring to make the info stick
  • #PMC Attendee would like training workshops to be cumulative, so past workshop participants can help out future ones.
  • @marcsmolowitz would like #PMC train-the-trainers event to be smaller and more about discussion than lecture.
  • @joycekim suggest that #PMC train-the-trainer workshop attendees should commit to being a trainer in later workshops
  • #PMC attendee suggests train-the-trainers events involve decisionmakers from org, not just training implementers
  • I’m witnessing a culture creating itself at #PMC meeting: ideas for how to use events to both train and solve social/online media problems.
  • @boothism “I know some grassroots people, no budgets, not nonprofit org yet, who have really basic needs for blogging/soc. media skills” #PMC
  • @joycekim suggests doing training at house parties where #PMC goes to people who need media help, not expecting them to come to us.
  • @beandy: “Are nonprofit orgs merely clients of #PMC or can we offer something to this process? I do clever policy design. Will that help?”
  • #PMC Wiki should include not just what our community needs, but what members can give.
  • @maiki “I see social media as connection not broadcast. Anyone #PMC touches, we should connect them with everyone else we’re talking to.”
  • @susanmernit is concerned w/ #PMC: balancing democratic process with making stuff actually happen, acting on ideas.
  • #PMC meeting is breaking up now. I’m liking this group, looking forward to participating more after I relocate to Bay Area in May.
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  1. Thanks for compiling these! I will be going through all the groups and projects everyone have talked about and getting relevant info into the wiki.

    You are awesome for live-tweeting this stuff! I have too much ADHD to do that. ^_^

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