links for 2009-03-11

  • "There was a moment, late in the Town Hall, when a chilling thought washed over me. The on-line entrepreneurs, so engorged with their enthusiasm for turning eyeballs into big cash, keeping salaries as low as possible or inducing people to work for free, and using “information” as the commodity they’re selling – they’re perfectly positioned to replace the robber-barons and clueless slugs who mismanaged and stole big newspapers into bankruptcy in the first place. Meet the new boss….

    "You see, it’s not a generational divide at all. It’s not even a “platform” divide. It’s the same old tension between people who want to be journalists and people who are willing to let them be journalists as long as there’s profit to be made selling the journalists’ work."

  • " The New York Times is planning to release an updated version of its Times Reader software, which will allow for an e-reader-like experience on many netbooks and mobile Internet devices. Meanwhile, expected to enter trials in the second half of 2009, an e-reader from Plastic Logic features a large, 8.5 x 11-inch screen, designed to allow newspaper publishers to display their custom layouts and ads (Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle e-reader doesn't support advertising). Because such specialized newspaper e-readers will require users to "turn" digital pages instead of scrolling through them, the users will be able to see all the ads on the page. So advertisers may pay higher rates for e-reader ads than for Web site ads, figures Robert Larson, vice-president for digital production at

    "Plastic Logic already has distribution deals with the Financial Times and USA Today, which will be offered on a subscription basis.

  • "Interestingly, growth in social networking is being driven not by the young, but by the middle-aged. The category of men and women aged 65 and above moving to social networking grew by 7 percent, Nielsen found, while the 2-17-year-old category dropped by 9 percent. The most popular age group with Facebook in terms of growth is the 35-49 category, which increased by 24.1 million people."

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