links for 2009-02-01

  • "The Distributed Agile Game is meant to be played by people who are interested in challenges experienced by members of distributed agile teams.

    "The game will be played by several small teams. Each team consists of analysts, developers, a customer, and a project manager. The team is subdivided into two parts; an on-site team, with developers, a customer, and analysts, and a remote team with only analysts and developers. The remote team must communicate with the customer and on-site team. The teams will be using a physical medium to construct the “application” according to the customer specifications.

    "The game will start out with the most basic of communication and no tool-sets progressing through several iterations. At the end of the last iteration the teams should have figured out more effective means of communications than what they were originally given emphasizing the most important factor to the success of distributed agile teams: communication."

  • Great article on how to handle failure. Recommended at She's Geeky conference
  • "When advertisers launched a campaign last September for the pain reliever Motrin, they hoped to attract the attention of mothers whose backs might be sore from wearing baby-carriers. The advertisements implied that while baby-carriers might be fashionable, hauling a child around could be painful.

    "Mothers were not amused. Soon after the ads were released, anti-Motrin campaigns appeared on Facebook and blogs. Outraged mums, furious at the suggestion that their babies were a hassle, posted rebuttal videos on YouTube. Through Twitter, the microblogging service, thousands of people attacked the company.

    "Motrin was caught off-guard. For days, no company representative replied. Critics accused the company of being not only insensitive but also unresponsive.

    "Eventually a marketing executive at McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson that markets Motrin, e-mailed individual bloggers to apologise for the campaign. But the damage was done."

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