links for 2009-01-16

  • "The reason my work tends to polarize people isn’t because I’m so “out there.” The reason this happens is that I openly share my uniqueness instead of keeping it hidden. Being different is commonplace, but exposing those differences is fairly uncommon.

    "Most people lead with their their sameness and hide their uniqueness, so as to maximize their chance of being accepted by others. I prefer to share my uniqueness openly. As you can probably guess, this exposes me to criticism — sometimes a great deal of criticism. But I’d rather be judged for the man that I am than accepted as someone I pretend to be."

  • Alf Hermida: "Blogs have become part of the editorial furniture of most news sites. In the U.S., 95% of the top 100 newspapers feature reporter blogs. So it seems appropriate to include blogging in the curriculum of journalism schools. For the past couple of years, my students at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism have written blogs as part of their course work.

    "For several weeks starting in January, my graduate students will be required to maintain a blog with twice-per-week entries. The aim of this assignment is to introduce students to the notion of blogging as a form of journalism. Just because this is a blog, it doesn't mean the students can write about anything."

  • "Google and One True Media–the parent company of online video ad creator SpotMixer–today are expected to publicly launch a self-serve video ad creation service for Google AdWords customers to produce and distribute cable television ads via Google TV Ads.

    "Developed jointly as a simple and free service by Google and SpotMixer, the ad creation widget allows customers to create high-quality video ads for distribution through GoogleTV. Businesses that previously could not access national TV ads are now able to place their ads on TV with lower risk, according to Farley."

  • "The U.S. Supreme Court has asked President-elect Barack Obama's administration to weigh in on a copyright case that could affect a broad swath of online media and technology companies.

    "The case stems from a dispute between the entertainment industry and Cablevision, which intends to offer a remote DVR. Lawyers say the court's decision in the case could have an impact on companies that offer any type of cloud storage, ranging from companies that offer digital music lockers to Web-based mixtape sites to Google, which allows users to store text-based papers in Google Docs.

    "'It's a really important case because it goes to the core of how digital bits flow,' says Eric Goldman, director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University. 'It has implications for every Internet company in very profound ways.'"

  • "As the year from its passage has elapsed, all sections of the FOIA amendments of 2007 are official FOIA law. Two of the sections did not go into effect until this year. This article discusses these two sections (Section 6 and 7) of the OPEN Government Act of 2007 and the problems that will be encountered by requesters in trying to use these sections to their advantage."
  • "If you haven't used Notebook in the past, we invite you to explore the other Google products that offer Notebook-like functionality. Here are a few examples, all of which are being actively improved and should meet your needs:

    * SearchWiki – We recently launched a feature on Search that will let you re-rank, comment, and personalize your search results. This is useful when you've found some results on Google Search that were really perfect for your query.

    * Google Docs – If you're trying to jot down some quick notes, or create a document that you can share with others, check out Google Docs.

    * Tasks in Gmail – For a lightweight way to generate a todo list or keep track of things, we recently launched Tasks in Gmail Labs.

    * Google Bookmarks – For a tool that can help you remember web pages that you liked and access them easily, take a look at Google Bookmarks. You can even add labels to your bookmarks to better organize and revisit them.

  • "As it lays off 100 recruiters and fires 70 engineers (which it plans to replace) Google also said it plans to kill or hobble Google Catalog Search, bookmarking service Google Notebook, mobile social network Dodgeball, microblogging service Jaiku and Google Mashup Editor. Google Video will no longer accept uploads."

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