links for 2009-01-15

  • Any white knights? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?…. "Rocky Mountain News owner E.W. Scripps Co. said Wednesday it will accept bids for the struggling newspaper through the close of business Friday.

    "Scripps then will review any offers "as quickly as possible, but there's no specific timetable for completing that process," spokesman Tim King said.

    "Wednesday's announcement, made among increasing speculation about the future of the News, marks the first time that Scripps has set a specific deadline for dealing with the 150-year-old newspaper."

  • George Kelly put this media-hosting site on my radar screen: "NODE101 is the idea that people can teach each other independent media using whatever means they have access to. We like to think of it as a loose collective of passionate people spreading media through teaching online distribution of video and/or screening videoblogs (this includes you if you so choose).

    "Many of us have established brick and mortar classrooms- some are still running, some are not. Many of us have taught at conferences, unconferences, college classes, workshops, tech stores, television stations, theatres, coffee shops, living rooms- any space with power and wifi. Some of us have raised money, gotten grants or found change in our couches to make this happen.

  • "How do you want to reinvent your city?

    "Twitter bots, aggregators, social software, mobile apps – we use these things more and more in our daily routines to make our lives better. But can we also use them to remake our cities altogether? How can these technologies be applied to transform urban spaces, changing them from the centralized, hard-coded things they are today into finely-tuned, fluid, user-operated systems that are efficient, sustainable and fit for life in the 21st century?

    "DIYcity is a place where people figure these things out by actually building and launching applications that address the problems around them."

  • Useful instructions for a process I'm doing today
  • "
    "OpenMicroBlogging is an effort to create an open standard for micro-blogging (also called micromessaging or microsharing). Our goal is a specification that allows different messaging hubs to route microblogging messages between users in a near-realtime timeframe.

    "The current specification is at level 0.1, and is implemented by Laconica (the software behind and OpenMicroBlogger."

  • "Introducing Geode, an experimental add-on to explore geolocation in Firefox 3. Geode provides an early implementation of the W3C Geolocation specification so that developers can begin experimenting with enabling location-aware experiences using Firefox 3 today, and users can tell us what they think of the experience it provides. It includes a single experimental geolocation service provider so that any computer with WiFi can get accurate positioning data.

    "More than just resturant lookups. For example, imagine an RSS reader that knows the difference between home and work and automatically changes it’s behavior appropriately. Or a news site whose local section is, in fact, actually local. Or Web site authentication that only allows you to login from certain physical locations, like your house.

    "Even if you can’t code, you can share your thoughts by commenting on this post or via the Concept Series, a forum for surfacing, sharing, and collaborating on new ideas and concepts.

  • Just heard about this on the Directions on the News podcast. Sounds like an intriguing tool, could be useful for journalists, bloggers, and news orgs. Costs $89: "Depiction is more than mapping. With Depiction, it is easy to add and integrate a wide variety of information from the web and your own sources, and then discover what-if…"
  • Belated news (from Dec. 22) but still worth noting: "Russ Stanton, editor of the LA Times, sent email following up on questions I had confirming the much-discussed report below that its web revenue is now sufficient to meet its entire editorial payroll. 'Given where we were five years ago,' he emailed, 'I don’t think anyone thought that would ever happen. But that day is here.'

    "Can I hear an amen?"

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