links for 2009-01-04

  • Bay Area trip-planning site. Covers public transit, traffic, ridesharing, biking, and more. I'll be putting it to the test next week, when I head to the Bay Area for a few months. Hope it's iPhone friendly…
  • Steve Pavlina's take on gender roles. Interesting. I don't agree with it all, but food for thought.
  • Steve Pavlina on not being afraid of pain: "Don’t try to grow a big callous around your heart to protect yourself from getting hurt. That will only make you cold and callous. If you disconnect from your heart, you disconnect from everything. You’ll rob your life of all its delicious flavor."

    …And on marriage: "I very much like the notion of long-term, committed relationships. I think long-term relationships are wonderful. I just think marriage is a poor vehicle for expressing them. …The institution of marriage is simply too far out of sync with the realities of human relationships."

    And on people's reactions to him trying polyamory: "It’s tough having someone question the way you’re living your life, nudging you to consider alternatives, even if it’s done indirectly. That can feel very uncomfortable. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end many, many times. The worst thing anyone can possibly do to you is to raise your awareness of something you don’t feel ready to face."

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