links for 2008-11-27

  • “Our goals are to:

    * Provide the American people primarily but also other English readers around the world with access to independent, objective international reporting that is free from the operational constraints and other negative pressures imposed by large media companies;

    * Offer intelligent, fair, and courageous on-site reporting and analysis from throughout the world and especially from those geographic areas that have been consistently ignored or underreported by the American news media;

    * Provide a depth of coverage on important international issues — social, political and economic — that is generally or completely absent in the media and even on the web;

    * Offer journalists the unique opportunity to have an ownership interest in the collaborative while also providing an important new distribution channel for their best work.”

  • “Ask Mr. Tweet: : who should i follow? : Mr. Tweet looks through your extended network to help you build effective relationships on Twitter. Examples:
    * Which are my followers I should be following in return?
    * Who are the influential people I should be following?

    “Follow Mr. Tweet (Yes, that is all you need to do)”

  • “While most major U.S. news organizations are fleeing the expensive realm of international coverage, the Global Post is poised to enter the space as an online-only organization.

    “Charles Sennott is a veteran of the Boston Globe’s foreign desk. He laments the fact that many major metros like the Globe no longer have foreign bureaus. He believes, however, that the demand is still there for coverage of international news.

    “Enter the Global Post. It is staffed by seven editors — including Sennott, the top dog — and seven business staffers in Boston. It, however, has a large network of global correspondents — 70 in 53 countries, to be exact. This new venture will launch on January 12, 2009.”

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