links for 2008-11-24

  • "The United States has squandered more than $10 billion on Pakistan since 9/11, and Pakistani intelligence agencies seem to have rerouted some of that to Taliban extremists. American forces periodically strike militants in the tribal areas, but people from those areas overwhelmingly tell me that these strikes just antagonize tribal leaders and make them more supportive of the Taliban.

    "…President Asif Ali Zardari seems overwhelmed by the challenges and locked in the past. Incredibly, he has just chosen for his new cabinet two men who would fit fine in a Taliban government.

    "One new cabinet member, Israr Ullah Zehri, defended the torture-murder of five women and girls who were buried alive (three girls wanted to choose their own husbands, and two women tried to protect them). “These are centuries-old traditions, and I will continue to defend them,” Mr. Zehri said of the practice of burying independent-minded girls alive."

  • I'm doomed….
  • "Is it possible for someone to create a malicious filter without having access to your Gmail username and password? No, however, they can force you to create the filter without your knowledge.

    "The blogosphere is buzzing about a Gmail Security Flaw that has caused some people to lose their domain names registered through GoDaddy.

    "What you should do if you have a Gmail Account? Check your filters and make sure that nothing seems out of the ordinary. If you’re using Firefox, you can download an extension called NoScript which helps to prevent you from becoming a victim of one of these attacks. Overall, though, be cautious.

  • "As many of you already know on November 2nd,’s domain was stolen from us. It took us about 36 hours to get the domain back. As we have pointed out earlier the hacker somehow managed to get access to my Gmail account and from there to our GoDaddy account, unlock the domain and move it to another registrar.
  • Important Firefox security plugin. Among other things, it can protect you from havig hackers insert unwanted forwarding filters into your Gmail account.

    "Operating NoScript is really simple. When you install NoScript, JavaScript, Java, Flash Silverlight and possibly other executable contents are blocked by default. You will be able to allow JavaScript/Java/… execution (scripts from now on) selectively, on the sites you trust. Notice that you shouldn't disable JavaScript and Java using Firefox settings, i.e. Tools|Options|Content|Enable JavaScript and Enable Java options have to be checked (JavaScript and Java enabled), otherwise JavaScript remains disabled everywhere even when allowed by NoScript"

  • "The incident raises a thought-provoking question regarding free hosting of live broadcasts — what could sites like possibly do to prevent live-streamed snuff films?"
  • personal document management service I might want to check out… Has anyone used this? I hate paper.
  • "Taking your old intranet content and migrating it into a new software system is doomed to failure. If your website isn't working then ask this question: why isn't the website working? Nine-times-out-of-ten it will be the content.

    "Content migration-and its first cousin, website "redesign"-are all about pouring sour old milk into new portal jugs. At some stage, we have to address the core web management challenges. Why do we have such bad content?

    1. We allow the organization to publish puff, fluff and vanity, instead of focusing on the needs of our customers/staff.
    2. We don't hire web content professionals. Instead we find the most junior person in the department and give them the job of managing the website.
    3. We don't see the Web as a unique medium-we just take print content and print thinking and shovel it onto the Web.
    4. We don't review and quality control. We have practically no processes to take old content off our website."

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