links for 2008-11-22

  • Tweetake allows users to backup their twitter profile including your followers, people whom you are following, friends and your tweets.
  • "Personalize any video with text bubbles, hyperlinks, product placement, real time in-video chat, video karaoke and more."
  • The socialist party takes a stand on polyamory — and it's a pretty clear, sound one. Cool! Although I would have preferred if they said "intimate" rather than "sexual."

    "Socialists should neither advocate monogamy nor polyamory–that is, having more than one sexual relationship at a time. These are personal decisions for individuals and couples to decide for themselves. There is nothing implicitly radical about polyamory or reactionary about monogamy, but their forced imposition from outsiders is reactionary and moralistic. Leftists ought to stand for the freedom to choose any consensual sexual arrangement, including marriage."

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