links for 2008-11-07

  • "Want to record your Phone Calls on your iPhone? Want to possibly skirt some state laws concerning phone call recording? The other i saw an ad for I checked it out and found it to be a GREAT resource for future use. There are two ways you could use this with your iPhone….
  • Boulder's main daily papers' HQ on the market. Wondering of Boulder will even have a daily paper in a year or two. Maybe not.

    "If a sale were to occur, it is unclear where newspaper operations — including the editorial, advertising and finance departments — would move. Manzi said his personal goal would be to have the Camera and Colorado Daily continue to work in their current downtown locations through a lease agreement with the new property owner."

  • Sometimes, it's all about context: "Cambridge, MA-based consulting firm Emerging Energy Research affirmed the wind sector growth last week, issuing an analysis that puts China on track to hit 135,000-megawatt of wind capacity in 2020; EER expects China to lead the world in annual wind installations by 2011. EER’s 135-gigawatt prediction for 2020 marks a big jump up from the already optimistic prediction by Chinese Wind Energy Association secretary general Haiyan Qin that closed our May 2008 reporting on China’s wind sector – namely that his members would have no trouble doubling the official 30 GW national goal for 2020.

    "And still the wind sector remains dwarfed by the heft and growth of China’s coal-fired power sector. In 2006 alone, China commissioned 102 GW of new coal-fired power stations, a power bloc that exceeds the United Kingdom’s entire electric power system."

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