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On Sunday morning, from 10:45-noon MT, I’ll be speaking in Denver at the Thin Air Summit. (Twitter hashtag: #TAS08) It’s a new conference on new media that I hope will become an annual affair. A lot of intriguing new media people and companies live and work along Colorado’s Front Range. We’ve really needed our own event. (Hate to break it to ya, Bay Area, but you’re not the only new media hub in the country.)

The title of my talk is listed on the schedule as “Blogging: Making every word count” — which I’ve just decided to re-edit because I dislike unnecessary gerunds, especially twice in the same title 🙂

Grammar aside, that title is deliberately nebulous. Here’s why…

I’ve given plenty of writing workshops, and I’ve found that the best way to handle them is to address the specific needs of the people in the room. People who go to writing workshops ALWAYS have questions in mind. This means that I generally overprepare for these sessions and later regret it.

…In fact, that’s exactly what happened for the blog writing workshop I gave in July at BlogHer 08. I spent time preparing this list of tips and resources, but ended up delving almost immediately into people’s questions. This post wasn’t wasted effort — it ended up getting lots of traffic after the session. It still does, as a matter of fact.

Since that earlier post ended up being a good general resource (and good linkbait), I’ll use it as the launching point for my talk on Sunday. And I’ll also refer to Effective writing for the real world, which I published in 2004 but still holds true.

All of this indicates one important point of making every word count in your blog — the more mileage you can get out of each post, the better!

I hope to see some Contentious readers at the Thin Air Summit. Say hi!


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Questions that came in from my Twitter posse:

  • Heather Larson: Does original content still matter, or is link reporting/echo chambering the news the way of things to come?
  • Chris Kauza: “Editorial calendar” for your blog? Make publishing more “predictable” less “accidental.”
  • Greg Harman: is there a place for all lowercase morons like me? but, really, do ALL grammar rules still apply? will whimsy destroy writing? lol
  • Uberbabyboomer: “How can we make sure that all schools teach students to use social media as part of their writing programs instead not allowing it. When social media use by students become discipline referrals that important kind of writing for kids is not recognized as important.

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