12 Naked Pumpkin Runners Named, Camera Catches Up

UPDATE NOV. 5: The Boulder police had other options. They could have cited streakers for disorderly conduct instead of indecent exposure. Also, the Daily Camera interviewed me on this controversy…

Yesterday, after much prodding from local bloggers (including me) and commenters on its site, the Boulder Daily Camera finally reported that the streakers who got busted by Boulder police at the 10th annual Halloween Naked Pumpkin Run will, if convicted, have to register as sex offenders. Today, the paper also published the names and ages of the 12 streakers who were cited for indecent exposure. All of these people are over 18, and thus under current CO law must register as sex offenders if convicted.

No acknowledgement of the community/independent media role in pressing this issue was offered by the Camera.

I just called the Boulder Municipal Court (303-441-1842), which informed me that Boulder County Courts (303-441-3750) are handling these cases. The county court rep I spoke was surprised, since normally misdemeanor citations handed out within Boulder City Limits get processed through the municipal court system. However, he did say that if indeed the county will be handling those cases, they should have more information on Friday. So I’ll call back then and will post an update. I’ll also check back with the municipal court, just in case they gave me incorrect information.

I’m contacting the local courts because I want to learn the dates and locations of arraignment hearings for the busted streakers. As far as I know, the public (including media) can observe these hearings. It’d be here that we’d learn whether these cases are being plea bargained down, whether there are motions for dismissal, and in general the attitudes of the judges, cops, attorneys, and defendants.

Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on 12 Naked Pumpkin Runners Named, Camera Catches Up

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  2. Hopefully those kids will be contacted by a very mean big shot lawyer to represent them. I suspect that the cops and prosecutors are trying to use the sex charge thing is intimidation not law enforcement.

    It appears the defendants are getting special treatment because the charges have been elevated to a higher court.

    Other than nudity, I doubt there was any flagrant sexual conduct. Sounds similar to a nudity case in Daytona Beach Fla. A woman down there is arrested annually for baring her breasts during Bike Week. The charges get kicked out every time by appeals court. There is a free speech issued buried in there while many Boulder people are seeing it as bad conduct.

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