Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run: Halloween 2008

IMPORTANT UPDATE NOV. 2: I researched applicable Colorado law. It does indeed appear that any Naked Pumpkin Runner whose indecent exposure citation gets upheld in court will have to register as a sex offender! Read the details

I just got back from hanging out in downtown Boulder, enjoying the Halloween freakery. The peak of the evening was the 10th annual running of the Naked Pumpkin Run, where a bunch of people put jack-o-lanterns on their heads and streak down the Pearl St. Mall.

Yeah, the cops aren’t happy about this. This year, they ticketed lots of runners, and it look like some may have been arrested. Which seems odd considering the context of today’s local news:

Boulder Daily Camera Halloween News

Boulder Daily Camera Halloween News

Given that, I would’ve thought Boulder’s cops would have had more important law enforcement activities on hand tonight than busting harmless streakers…

Anyway, with that strange introduction, I give you some video of tonight’s Naked Pumpkin Run!…

…Yes, OF COURSE THERE’S NUDITY. So I wouldn’t consider this work-safe. But it’s not sexual, just festive.

6 thoughts on Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run: Halloween 2008

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  2. That’s too bad the police thought they had to arrest people. We have the Fremont Solstice parade with huge crowds and naked bicycle riders and there’s no problems. It’s just fun.

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  5. There was one year, several years ago, when the mayor of Seattle announced that the naked bicyclists at the Freemont Solstice Parade would be ticketed. The police arrested one or two of them, but the prosecutor didn’t go forward with the case. The mayor was lambasted in the press for his idiotic move. Since then, the number of naked participants has grown. No big deal. Boulder’s politicians and police should grow up. Their attitudes do more harm than good.

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