links for 2008-09-13

  • "My observations at metropolitan daily newspapers lead me to believe that we are poised right at the cusp of developing a more productive relationship between business and editorial departments, but workplace routines and traditions – especially those that are well-intentioned and rooted in core values, even if they don’t ultimately serve those core values very well — are hard to break down."
  • "I guess researchers and/or some of the press have not figured out that if you want to report on science that uses a map, you need to have a map! The news is a report, "The Geography Of Personality; A Theory of the Emergence, Persistence and Expression of Geographic Variation in Basic Traits" currently running in Perspectives On Psychological Science. You can read the abstract free but the article requires a fee. Thus, I don't know if the article provides a map or not. But wait, McCLatchy Newspapers did the work. That organization provides an interactive Flash-based map built on the findings."
  • A competitor to Swype — writing on touchscreen by dragging finger across keyboard, rather than touchng letters. I have the earlier version of this app on my iPhone. "ShapeWriter WritingPad is temporarily unavailable in the App Store/iTunes. However an improved version 1.0.4 has been submitted and is currently
    in review status so it should become available shortly in the App Store."
    We appreciate your patience.
  • Another way to type on a touchscreen. Interesting.

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