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  • "The core of Business Exchange is hundreds of topic pages, on subjects as broad as the housing market and as narrow as the Boeing 787. Plans call for the number of topic pages to grow quickly into the thousands. (The first one created, which may or may not be in the public version of Business Exchange, was “BlackBerry vs iPhone.”)

    Each Business Exchange topic page links to articles and blog posts from myriad other sources, including BusinessWeek’s competitors, with the contents updated automatically by a Web crawler. Nearly all traditional news organizations offer only their own material, spurning the role of aggregator as an invitation to readers to leave their sites.

    On Business Exchange, a user can post new material to a topic page, or even create a new page, choosing the subject and the title, and write a brief introductory description. This is hardly a revolutionary idea in the wiki era, but for a mainstream publication, it represents a significant loosening of control.

  • 2008 Boulder Sushi Regurge Open

    You read that right.

    The rules are simple, and as follows:

    1. You must eat sushi, not that pansy sashimi crap.
    2. You may order your own sushi.
    3. There is a $25 entry fee that will go to the establishment (that still doesnt know what they are hosting)
    4. You will pay $1 for each piece of sushi you eat into the pot.
    5. Top three finishers split the pot. (60% to the winner; 30% to second place; 10% to third)
    6. You may heckle, but not touch other participants.
    7. No bathroom breaks.
    8. The final three will order sushi for the person to their left.
    9. You are out if you dont eat sushi fast enough.
    10. You are out if you throw up.
    11. You are out if you dont recognize the greatness that is Micah.
    12. The tie breaker will be desserts.

  • If you're relatively new to SEO or just about to undertake SEO on your Web site for the first time, you're likely looking for some key resources. For the benefit of SEO newbies, here's a short list of some top online resources for SEO — in no particular order.

Apple to Fix 3G iPhone, Supposedly in October

AT&T just call to tell me that in October, Apple is supposed to upgrade the 3G iPhone for free to solve this problem, which I’ve been experiencing:

Businessweek writes:

“Complaints over dropped calls and choppy Web connections on Apple’s iPhone 3G have sparked a wave of debate in the blogosphere over the root cause of the problems. Two well-placed sources tell the glitches are related to a chip inside Apple’s music-playing cell phone. The sources add that Apple (AAPL) plans to remedy the problems through a software upgrade rather than through a more disruptive step, such as a product recall.”

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  • "The Times' mobile site, which drew 500,000 page views in January 2007, received over 10 million hits by December of the same year, and soared up to 19 million views in May 2008.

    "…As of now, the Times' hasn't created any position dedicated to editing or rewriting content for mobile consumption. 'I don't think we'll hire specific people to tailor content for mobile per se,"' said NYT director of mobile products Robert Samuels. However, most mobile articles are slightly shortened and edited upstream in the production process, to make headlines appropriate for mobile devices.

    "…Is mobile news more adapted to local news outlets that can send out locally relevant alerts to users? 'I think it is most definitely appropriate for them but by no means exclusive for them,' said Samuels. National brands can also establish themselves on the local mobile news market. In the second half of the year, Samuels plans to roll out show time listings, weather services and restaurant listings."

  • I just checked this out. Seems good for a mobile-friendly site — but where's the option to get text alerts sent to you for designated states or zip codes? Especially during an emergency, cell systems get jammed and text messaging is more reliable than even pared-down mobile sites. Plus, there's lots of value to "push" content in those situations.
  • If you publish mobile content, looks like it's time to start figuring out how do deliver your content effectively to phones using Google's Android mobile platform, since it's coming soon! "T-Mobile will be the first carrier to offer a mobile phone powered by Google’s Android software, according to people briefed on the company’s plans. The phone will be made by HTC, one of the largest makers of mobile phones in the world, and is expected to go on sale in the United States before Christmas, perhaps as early as October."
  • The Huffington Post just unveiled its first local edition. It'll be interesting to see how this works out, since Chicago's local media market is already pretty packed. One thing I really like about the Chicago media scene is the wealth of citizen journalism there. I wonder if HuffPost Chicago will find ways to highlight and incorporate those efforts?

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Transit sites: Go mobile, please!

If ANY web site should have a mobile-friendly layout that automatically loads when accessed by a mobile device, it’s public transit sites.

Seriously — people want to use transit sites on the go! That’s kind of the whole point of transit.

My local transit agency is RTD Denver. Go check out that site. It’s hard enough to navigate on a computer with a big display and a real keyboard. Just try it on your phone! Torture!

And if they offer a mobile version, they sure don’t make that obvious.

Got some especially good examples of mobile-friendly public transit sites? Give your examples in the comments.