2 thoughts on YouTube – External microphones for Nokia N95

  1. We’ve made a couple up to test at Cardiff, so we can rig our students out with them when they start. One of our technical guys Jon, a complete legend, took a mic lead and retro fitted a femal connection on the end so it plugs straight onto the N95’s own lead – not so many connections going on that way.

    We’re going to try wiring up a three pin jack straight to a mic lead too.

    I’m pretty pleased with it.

    Have fun with them.
    Glyn (the egrommet)

  2. This reminds me of the IPod hack. To use a generic camcorder to phono cable with an IPod the comp. video does not come out of the yellow as your would expect, but if you buy the ‘official’ IPod lead it does. Hence the difference between using the red on the generic and the yellow on the Nokia cables.

    Use a multimeter to check the continuity against each band on the jack and you’ll find out what is being output where.

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