Transit sites: Go mobile, please!

If ANY web site should have a mobile-friendly layout that automatically loads when accessed by a mobile device, it’s public transit sites.

Seriously — people want to use transit sites on the go! That’s kind of the whole point of transit.

My local transit agency is RTD Denver. Go check out that site. It’s hard enough to navigate on a computer with a big display and a real keyboard. Just try it on your phone! Torture!

And if they offer a mobile version, they sure don’t make that obvious.

Got some especially good examples of mobile-friendly public transit sites? Give your examples in the comments.

3 thoughts on Transit sites: Go mobile, please!

  1. DC Metro’s website has a mobile version but I haven’t tried it out because I just learned about it. Last week, a switch went out causing major delays on two lines and I couldn’t navigate the website on my Blackberry. So when I got into to work I logged in and found the link under the category “Also of Interest”–toward the bottom of the page. There should be a link either at the top of the page or on the left hand navigation.

  2. I also notice that Amtrak has a pretty simple, user-friendly mobile site. It has a godawful URL: But fortunately you can get to it simply by visiting from your mobile device. It automatically redirects to the mobile version.

    Looks like Amtrak used Usablenet to create its mobile site — a pretty good move. Mobile development is its own art, and it’s very different from traditional web design. When making your site mobile-friendly, it might help to outsource that to a place with a proven track record.

    – Amy Gahran

  3. Your post here has encouraged me to consider going mobile since AMTRAK and now I see the Washington Metro is accessible by mobile. So, now in NYC where I live I see that I can access the MTA site which is GREAT:

    After reading your twits on mobile devices now I have to figure out which mobile device I really want but I think I am getting a blackberry instead of an iPhone. I will keep on reading! Thanks always, Amy, for the informative posts!

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