Delicious: Now a SERIOUS microblogging tool!

I just noticed that sometime over the last few days quietly upgraded its bookmarklet to support a notes field of up to 1000 characters, the new maximum length of a post to Delicious. (It used to be just 255 characters, which was a too-tight constraint for bloggers.)

This is a great thing for people like me who use Delicious as a way to supply content to blogs (rather than just to remember or share interesting sites).

delicious support forum thread

Also with the recent major facelift, they’ve overhauled the “blog posting” service (available under “settings” for your account) that allows you to connect your Delicious account to your blog, and make regular posts to your blog of whatever you’re bookmarking in Delicious. In short, you can now exercise much greater control over how and when Delicious posts items to your blog. I’ll be experimenting with that in Contentious, to see how I can improve your experience of that content here.

Way to go, Delicious! At least Yahoo is doing something right these days!

Multiple account support?

My only remaining criticism of the Delicious Firefox add on is that it does not yet support multiple accounts. I maintain separate Delicious accounts to feed different blogs and other projects. Formerly I used the Delicious Complete Firefox add-on to post to Delicious because it does support multiple accounts. But unfortunately that add-on is not compatible with Firefox 3, and I don’t know if it ever will be. Sad. (Murklins hacked together an independent update attempt — I haven’t tried it yet, but I probably will.)

Fellow Delicious user Britta also would like the official Delicious bookmarklet to support multiple accounts. Follow and speak up in this support forum thread if you’d also like this feature.

Britta also suggested that Mac users who want to post to multiple Delicious accounts try the third-party tool Pukka. I just installed it, and it seems functional but very basic. Also, so far it only supports posts up to 255 characters, so I won’t be using it.

But again, the real news here is that Delicious now supports posts of up to 1000 words, and the tools that make it easy to post to Delicious without having to visit the Delicious site also are now supporting that higher text limit. Microbloggers, have a blast!

4 thoughts on Delicious: Now a SERIOUS microblogging tool!

  1. Hi Amy. I’m the developer of Pukka, and I’ve released a beta supporting the 1000 character limit which you can grab here:

    I should have 1.7 final out very soon, after some minor tweaks and testing.

    Pukka *is* simple, but it is also very powerful. I’ve focused most on making it easy to use, which has the side effect of making it appear extraordinarily simple, but if you get into it a bit more, it really opens up for the power user as well (keyboard shortcuts, Spotlight, AppleScript, and Growl support, a very fast-updating caching system, and other time-saving features).

    As well, feel free to contact me with any ideas or feature requests that you may have!

  2. Amy
    I noticed this too. At first I got real excited. Except that lately the daily blog posting is erradict and unreliable.

    Is that just me?

    Some days the post comes up – others is doesn’t. No rhyme or reason to it.


    If I can get it to work on a regular basis. I’d love it.

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