Castles Made of Sand: Honoring the Temporary

This is a rare fairly personal, reflective post. I don’t do this often. So if your not into hearing my personal observations about life and death, don’t bother watching this video.

I was inspired here by recent events — primarily watching my friend Sarah Dopp this week share her experience of attending the death of her grandmother. She generously offered a public window to this experience via Twitter (starting July 25, and the rest follows in her Twitter archive) and blog.

But there were other inspirations — the strangest of which is the shuffle setting on my iPod keeps tossing up two haunting songs by Jimi Hendrix: Castles Made of Sand and Little Wing. Here, Tuck & Patti blend these tunes into a graceful medley:

Then, after I recorded my video last night, my spouse Tom Vilot showed me one of the most amazing feats of expression and education I’ve ever seen: The last lecture of Professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie-Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. He died of pancreatic cancer on July 25 — but not before sharing his insights on how important it can be to attempt to realize your childhood dreams.

My favorite line from this video: “I don’t know how NOT to have fun!”

So if you’re feeling stuck or trapped, Pausch’s talk is a shot of adrenaline straight to your soul. I was crying so hard with joy after I watched it that I couldn’t finish posting my own video last night. (It wouldn’t have worked anyway. My decreasingly reliable web host,, is having issues and not fixing them fast. I’m ready to post this at 9am MT, but they say probably not until 1:30 pm MT, grrrrr….)

However, waiting until this morning allowed me to assemble this video collage. Hope you like it.

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