My cool red laptop case

Lately, nearly everywhere I go people remark on my transparent red plastic laptop case. It does look pretty cool, I think. It’s just two clear pieces of plastic that snap on easily, with cutouts for ports. (However, if you want to pull out your battery, you’ll need to pop off the case.)

Amy's cool laptop case

The anodized aluminum of the Macbook Pro is notoriously easy to scratch, and difficult to clean off sticker gunk from. I like laptop stickers, and change them from time to time. (Oh, if you’re looking for cool stickers, go to Sticker Giant.)

My├é┬áhardcase is by Speck Products, which makes it for several Mac laptop models (including the Air) in several colors. For a 15″ Macbook Pro, cost is $49.95 plus shipping You can buy it directly from Speck or through and other online vendors.

Today I see they’ve just released a purple model. That’s the color I wanted in the first place. But the red has kind of grown on me, I think I’ll stick with it.

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  1. Unfortunately, they only offer 2 different PC notebook covers. My Asus gaming book is pretty big and wouldn’t fit in there. do you know any good online shops that sell covers for oversized pc notebooks?


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