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WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Weirdness

A few minor things went screwy with my WordPress 2.5 upgrade.

I recently upgraded Contentious and Boulder Carbon Tax Tracker to the latest version of WordPress (2.5). There seem to be some bugs with this that I’ll need to figure out.

First of all, the image upload function has stopped working.

When I try to upload an image to a blog post via WordPress, I get this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function. Apparently a lot of people are having this problem, and there’s no fix yet.

My temporary image upload fix: For now, when I want to include an image in Contentious I uploading it to my Typepad account, grab the image URL from there, and insert that into my WordPress post.

I also tried uploading an image to Contentious via the blog editing application MarsEdit. In that case I got a different error…

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Where’s Your “Personal Brand,” and Why?

There are lots of different ways to brand yourself.

Yesterday my colleague Jim Kukral wrote about why he’s decided to focus on centralizing his personal brand. He wrote:

“My biggest mistake from the past 7-years or so was not building my personal brand on my own blog hard enough, earlier enough. Some may wonder why someone like me who’s been around for a long time blogging (since 2001), only has about 600 rss subscribers. I’ll tell you why… because I never focused blogging and building my brand here on until recently.”

That got me thinking about and my own “personal brand.” Although I have an innate dislike to the term “personal brand,” I’ll admit it’s a useful and important concept for people in media-related work and many other fields these days.

The simple reason for that, I think, is that these days it’s unwise to rely on any company, organization, or institution to stick by you. The only leverage most professionals have these days depends on their ability to find or make their own opportunities — which means they need to be known as individuals. not just as faceless functionaries.

Jim seems to gauge the success on his personal brand by traffic to his site and feed. For a lot of people and purposes, that’s perfectly valid and appropriate.

But personally, I see a lot of value in the hybrid home base/distributed presence approach to personal branding…

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Good People Day: The BlogHer Crowd

Generally I try not to get caught up in memes, where a bunch of people try to do similar posts on the same day. (I’m not entirely opposed to memes, it just doesn’t suit the way I personally write or work.)

But yesterday I saw a particularly compelling video post by Wine 2.0 founder Gary Vaynerchuk: April 3, 2008 is GOOD PEOPLE DAY, pass it on. Take a minute and watch it, it’s short.

…OK, dude, you got me. Here’s my tribute to a particularly positive and powerful community that’s had a good influence on my life and work: Blogher.

Thanks 🙂

Los Angeles Times Switches to All-Wiki Format

…OK, not really. It’s an April Fool’s Day spoof from, and it’s definitely better than any prank I’ve dreamed up so far today. If you need a laugh (and really, who in the news business doesn’t?) then go check out The Los Wikiless Timespedia. This had me in hysterics, especially considering the LA Times’ infamous wikitorial debacle of 2005.

Here are a few highlights that appeared on this editable site as of the posting of this Tidbit (although I can’t guarantee any of this will still appear exactly as described, or at all, when you go there):

Want to join the “staff” of the Los Wikiless Timespedia? just sign up as a Bunkwiki contributor and post/edit to your heart’s content!

(I cross-posted this piece from Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits. Thanks to David Thomas for the tip via Twitter.)