Toxic Journo Culture Oozes Across Blogosphere

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My Tidbits post yesterday seemed to resonate with a lot of journalists. Check out the comments .

My E-Media Tidbits post yesterday, Journalism: A Toxic Culture? (Or: Why Aren’t We Having More Fun?) (cross-posted to has gotten many comments and also picked up wider traction. Here are the various people who’ve added substantive comments of their own to this public conversation. Check them out!

  1. Raising hell and having fun , by Charlotte Anne Lucas (A breakfast conversation I had with Charlotte Anne last weekend in Las Vegas actually gave me the motivation to write that article. Thanks!)
  2. Curiosity and journalism , by James McPherson
  3. The only journalism that counts is by mainstream news , by Mike Gregory
  4. Giv mig journalistik med Bøvl og Begejstring , by Kim Elrose
  5. Carpe diem, baby! by Sanjay Bhatt
  6. Journalists, Keep the Change , by Craig Stoltz
  7. The Capital Times Moves From Print to Online , by Kim Pearson
  8. It’s not whining if we have a good reason , on
  9. Learning to love change , by Charlie Beckett

I’ll add more later as I find them. Glad my piece was useful to so many folks!

One thought on “Toxic Journo Culture Oozes Across Blogosphere

  1. and then there are those nervy, non-journalists who put out their podcast shingles and the unsuspecting public picks and chooses based on likes, dislikes, affinities, social networking…and good journalistic standards can’t compete with the force of group identification or charisma…but yeah, at least they ARE having fun…

    I don’t consider myself a journalist, but have found myself newly in a podcast about the Obama campaign (whom I support) and a few times have had to hold conversations up to a standard…but whose standard?…I never studied journalism…then again, I did do a master’s degree in psychology and we did study ethics…or, maybe, if I dig even deeper, I’ll find something inside of my own integral structure, my integrity, that helps me decide if I should air controversial material…

    and I got caught, got used by a poseur who would say whatever he needed to say to get his voice on air…what is my responsibility here?…must I verify allegations?…opinions?…interpretations?…or am I just a conduit???

    I’m too new to podcasting to know where I stand on these questions, and I’m not pulling enough listeners to feel that I have to make up my mind today before I corrupt innocent ears…but here I am, having spent a life in one way or another “finding my voice” via art forms, a very amateur, self-taught, no-frills, by-the-seat-of-my-pants podcaster…

    and I like it…and I like the fact that my podcast is the opposite of slick…and when the Obama campaign is over and my original charter (or would that be my brand?…) drains of meaning, I have a feeling I will stretch, get a glass of water, and keep talking…and listening to my interviewees…

    sometimes I feel I should apologize to all of you REAL journalists…and yet, there are so many unserved groups, and maybe my connections to some of these voices will matter…

    yours, MadamaAmbi, Interview4Obama

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