The Cup: The Cool Boulder Geek Hangout

I spent most of today working and socializing at The Cup in downtown Boulder. It’s known locally as the cool hangout place for local geeks. It also specializes in fair trade coffee (which is cool, even though I don’t drink coffee, I’m a tea fan).

Today several of my friends stopped by, so I grabbed video clips of a few of them for the hell of it. Here they are: Joe Pezzillo , Ari Newman , and Dave Taylor.

Not appearing in this video are:

  • My brand-new friend Patrick Sandoval of Primal Future. He’s a local artist and online entrepreneur who creates and sells t-shirts with original images based on ancient symbols. Very cool stuff.
  • My dear old friend Max Chadwick dropped by too. We used to work together about 12 years ago when I was still a wage slave, and now he’s an exec at People Productions — which hasn’t stopped him from being cool.

I’m bummed that I didn’t think to grab video clips of Max and Patrick. But anyway, hope you enjoy the rest.

5 thoughts on The Cup: The Cool Boulder Geek Hangout

  1. That was so cute, Amy! Was that with a Flip and a tripod, or just holding it or cradling it somewhere? Also – I’ve never used Blip TV – you like it?

  2. Thanks Jill.

    I just shot that with the built-in camera in my Macbook Pro, using iMovie HD. I don’t plan to get a Flip, it’s really not what I want.

    I *wish* I had a working Nokia N95 to shoot with, I’d be moblogging up a storm! But you know that sad story… (sniffle…)

    I like so far because of all the options it gives you, and because it does the Flash conversion so much faster and better than YouTube.

    – Amy Gahran

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